Sunday, May 22, 2011

When bears come a-knockin'...what in the heck do you do?

Randy Massaro of 
Union Members for the 
Preservation of Wildlife
Lt. Marty Wall shows 
how coyote rollers keep 
bears out of the yard
Tim Rutt at altadenablog has a knack for writing catchy headlines, so when he posted the story I wrote about how to handle bears that wander into residential areas, he titled it "Living with bruins: grin and bear it."

Now I'm sure you all know that he meant the ubiquitous black bear (which can range in color from blond to brown to black, and blonde if it's a female), but the same advice might apply to those with USC affiliations.

In either case, they're here to stay. Asm. Anthony Portantino called a town hall meeting to educate foothills folks about bears, and Lt. Marty Hall of the Department of Fish and Game gave tips and took lots of questions. Click on the link above to get the full story.

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