Monday, June 20, 2011

Loma Alta Park Community Gardens welcomes neighbors to a barbecue

Mike Antonovich & Loma Alta Park manager Penny Daniels on new bench donated by the supervisor.
After a morning hike in the Arroyo Seco with a church group on Saturday, I swung by Loma Alta Park to cover the Community Garden picnic for Altadena Patch.  The neighborhood was invited to the barbecue. I really didn't expected much, since the garden had not shown much inclination to be involved in the community in the 20+ years we've lived here.

Boy, was I surprised!  I couldn't find a parking space, so I just drove on home and walked the half mile back.  There were lots of booths, most of them from community resource and civic groups.  Two of my utility providers were there--Lincoln Avenue Water and Athens Services--and L.A. County public services, organizations that provide health care, folks setting up neighborhood groups.  There were a few vendors, but they had to be certified to participate since it was on county land.

Supervisor/L.A. County Mayor Mike Antonovich was there, and he remembered me from a previous story I had covered.  No wonder he keeps getting reelected!  He and his field deputy Sussy Nemer provide great service for Altadena.

And the folks at the Community Garden?  They were great!  I picked up some info on gardening, and with the Golden Poppy seeds Lincoln Avenue provided (at least I think it was them--they were in the bottom of my bag), I will get going on renewing the plantings in my front yard.  Well, after the weeds are cleaned up, anyway....

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