Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three women, three families

Three families enjoy playing together at Five Acres after being reunified by DCFS.
What would it be like to have your children removed from your home because it was determined that you could not parent them in a safe and nurturing environment?

Then, what would it be like--after months, even years of hard work to sober up, learn parenting and job skills, and create the kind of home your children deserve--to get them back?

I heard three stories last Friday from three amazing women who found the inner fiber to recreate their lives and form strong families.  They didn't do it alone, of course.  A community of social workers, volunteers, and other professionals surrounded them with the soil it took to help them blossom.

They were celebrated by the Department of Children and Family Services at Five Acres. Their stories are being posted on Altadena Patch this week.  I will add the links here as each one posts.

First up is Erica Ward, mother of five, who regained custody of two-year-old Ma-Nijah and six-year-old Kenyae.  Here is her story, in her words.

Anna Flores began to turn her life around before the week was out after her daughter was removed from her home.  She tells her story here.

Brea Sheriff, only 22 years old, was able to keep her infant son and regain her two daughters. Here is her story.

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