Thursday, March 17, 2011

Los Angeles at it's darkest: The Black Dahlia Murder

No film noir could have been darker and more suspenseful than the sensational Black Dahlia murder.  The crime has fascinated Angelenos from the time the mutilated body of Elizabeth Short was found in 1947 to this very day. 

It had all the elements that make for a Raymond Chandler mystery--a beautiful and mysterious young victim, horrifically tortured and mutilated, an elusive killer, sensational press, countless confessions and more than a score of suspects (several of them prominent physicians), and of course that unforgettable moniker. But in the end, Philip Marlowe gets his man.  The killer of The Black Dahlia has never been officially identified.

Read my story The Black Dahlia: surrealer than fiction on a life cut Short on altadenablog.  Thanks to Tim Rutt for the great headline!

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