Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paco the brave Chihuahua takes Altadena by storm

Paco with Ace Smoke Shop owner Erik Knight
Your Altadena Headlines Examiner was born and raised in Los Angeles.  Like all good Angelenos, she is not impressed by celebrities--with one exception.

That would be Brave Paco, the Chihuahua who chased two armed robbers out of a smoke shop in Altadena and became an instant hero when the surveillance video went viral.  

Paco’s most recent appearance was last night, Aug. 12, at Fancy Food Truck Fridays, a monthly food fest put on by the Webster’s stores on North Lake Avenue.  Altadena Headlines spoke with Erik Knight, the owner of Ace Smoke Shop and Paco’s good friend; Duane Dier, Paco’s proud owner; and dog expert Dr. Jane Brackman (affectionately known around town as “Dr. Barkman”) to find out first-hand what happened on that fateful morning.

Read all about it on Altadena Headlines Examiner.

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