Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Amazing folks, amazing adventures, amazing stories

The authors of Using All the Colors

I have the privilege of participating in an exceptional writers’ group in Pasadena at Monte Vista Grove Homes.  The folks at “The Grove” have some of the most amazing stories to tell, and it is a joy sitting in and listening to them each week.  Now you can hear them, too, in the pages of Using All the Colors, a vibrant collection of stories and recollections from more than two dozen authors.

I got into the class through a friend of mine, a retired minister who attends the same church as I do, and was delighted to discover the diversity of experience and viewpoints in this group of retired Presbyterian church workers.

While the class began as a memoir-writing exercise, the writers go much farther afield than simply personal recollections.  Told with rare humility and grace, the stories are historical, philosophical, humorous, personal, and at times theological.  They are never preachy.  They resonate with the joys and fears we all have as human beings, offering a hand in friendship to the reader.

You can read more about it on Altadenablog and Altadena Patch.  The book is available through CreateSpace and Amazon.com and would make a great Christmas gift.  

Proceeds benefit Monte Vista Grove Homes, and CreateSpace gives us a higher margin, so please purchase the book there.  The collection is edited by the writing group’s facilitator, Anna Zoeller Walker.

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